Cuban scientists have verified that the scorpion venom toxin Rophalorus Junceus, endemic to Cuba, has “an analgesic effect, anti-inflammatory andantitumor”, according to Pavel Pizart and Isbel Gonzalez, General Manager, responsible for research Labiofam, respectively.
Scorpion toxin to Rophalorus Junceus has shown to be effective in treating various types of cancers, but is applicable to all the benefits it provides. The best results have been observed in the following order:
  1. Prostate Cancer in any state.
  2. Colon and Lung Cancer.
  3. Brain Cancer..
  4. digestive tract cancer
  5. Breast Cáncer.
The benefits you can expect are:
  1.  Referral of tumor activity for over 5 years.
  2. Mejora quality of life. (Improved sleep quality, has better aopetito).
  3. Ayuda to shovel the unwanted effects of radio quimops and therapies.
  4. Increased survival.
  5. Ayuda to relieve pain.
  6. Mejora of the patient’s immune response.
These benefits have occurred in approximately 85% of individuals undergoing treatment, this of course depends on the stage and general deterioration of the patient has, to begin treatment with the toxin of scorpion (Scorpio) Rophalorus Junceus.
To get the drug made from the blue scorpion venom called Vidatox   (escozul)  you must travel to Havana, Cuba, should bring a summary of the patient’s history.
Consultations are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 12 noon. You must travel to Havana, Cuba one day before the date to be addressed, attention is for order of arrival.
The no cost consultation and drug costs 205.00 cuc each bottle should come with the budget for at least 3 bottles.
It is necessary to travel to Havana, Cuba, at least 3 days (1 day of arrival, 2 the day of the visit, 3 on day of departure), the drug international pharmacies purchase of the city. Our recommendation is  travel a minimum of 4 days and on Monday, to be available Tuesday and Wednesday for the unexpected. It is not necessary that the patient journey, you can do a family member or friend.
This product is totally safe, no side effects, they can use all the people of any age, is applicable to all types of cancers, improving substantially the quality of life for patients, improves sleep and the undesirable effects of the chemo and other treatments, improves nutrition and overall mood of the patient this treatment alternative, patients should not stop the medical treatment being conducted, it does not interfere with other treatment.
We do not charge for this advice, only offer our accommodation services, transportation and in some countries the ticket to Havana.


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