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Due to the achieveed clinical success in Cuba, in the use of the Histoplacentaria therapy in the treatment of different affections, Professor Dr. Carlos Miyares Cao, a therapy specialized for the treatment of the alopecia was developed by a group of prestigious scientists, directed, whose results are highly satisfactory .

The Alopecia means total losses or partial of the hair, which can happen to any age and he is not synonymous of baldness.

The alopecia, erroneously can be confused with the baldness.

The participation of stress considers as it causes fundamental of the alopecia because the altered nervous system in its functions is known that during the period of emotional tension to that it is put under, produces substances that diminish the sanguineous circulation, in the hairy leather, originating a diminution in the nutritious contribution to the pilar follicles, that are the structures in charge to synthesize the proteins that constitute the hair, staying out total or partially this process.

This phenomenon begins generally with a cellular damage by the diminution of the local sanguineous irrigation, the damaged cells of the pilar follicles release to antigenic substances that they sensitize to the immunological system, which produces then specific antibodies against the follicles that can get to destroy the cells composes that it, which prevents the formation of the hair or the corporal hair.

When taking place the cellular damage antigenic substances are freed that they sensitize to the immunological system. This last one begins the production of specific antibodies that can get to destroy the cells that compose the pilar follicle.

In the slightest cases one is a partial inhibition, arriving at a total inhibition in the acute cases.

The alopecia is one of the dermatológicas diseases that worry to the humanity more, due to the high aesthetic value that owns the hair for both sexes in the majority of the civilizations.

Some of the infectious or metabolic diseases, like the excessive nervous tension, are equally injurious.

In order to initiate the treatment for the cure of the alopecia in Cuba it is necessary to be consulted in the Specialized Clinic of the Center of Placental Histoterapia

We suggested takes to the consultation the results you of the biopsy realised in its country for the confirmation of its diagnosis of which its disease is psoriasis, of not bringing result of the biopsy of skin. In order to receive the remedy for the cure of the alopecia, it is not necessary to enter the patient since the same is ambulatory.

In order to continue the treatment against the alopecia in its country, the amount of medicine will be indicated you that will have to obtain for the continuity of the treatment once Cuba leaves and in dependency of the amount of surface affected by the alopecia.

Medicine for the treatment of the alopecia.

Losión Plioactiva. Presentación: Frasco plástico de 200 a 400 ml.

Lotion Piloactiva and Champú Piloactivo: It stimulates the growth and regeneration of the hair, increases the circulation sanguineous in the hairy leather, it regulates the sebaceous secretion and it gives back the normal coloration to the hair.

It contains a placental pilotrófico factor that physiologically regulates the operation of the sebaceous glands. It increases the micro sanguineous circulation in the hairy leather, besides contributing to improve the process of protein synthesis that normally is developed inside each pilar follicle, when providing a greater local contribution of essential amino acids.

The result obtained in the use of the Piloactiva Lotion can be transformed in general a revitalizadora action of the hair, which affirms its roots and increases its thickness, being reduced the moulting, the seborrea and the premature baldness.

The innocuity (it does not produce indirect effect) of the treatment with the Piloactiva Lotion as much allows its use in children as in adults, including elderly people, pregnant and women during the menstruation.

After a period of treatment that oscillates between 6 months to 2 years as average the following results are obtained in the patients:

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