Histotherapy Center

Histotherapy Center

History Center
In the decade of the 70s, Cuba exported through a commercial agreement to MERIUX Laboratories of France 40 tons of human placenta, at the same time Dr. Carlos Miyares Cao Gineco-obstetrics specialist physician and professor of Pharmacology, School of Medicine University of Havana. Cuba discovered a substance with stimulatory activity of skin pigmentation studying the metabolism of placentas kept alive in laboratory conditions.

The successful use in our country of that substance in the treatment of skin disease known as vitiligo found that in 80-82 years the suspension of exports to France at the beginning of placenta in the National Pharmaceutical Industry production of the new drug known as Melagenina name for distribution in pharmacies on prescription.

In 1985 it is necessary to create the first international service vitiligo patient care at Clinica Central “Cira Garcia” in Havana under the responsibility of Dr. Carlos Miyares Cao own, with such an influx of patients from countries near Cuba (Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, etc.). resulting in the establishment of the first system of health tourism through CUBATUR Company.

In 1986 as a result of the international repercussions caused by the new Cuban method of treating vitiligo as a drug derived from human placenta, the State Council founded Histotherapy Center under the direction of Dr. Carlos Miyares Cao with the aim of extend these investigations.

In 1987 it is necessary to establish the National Clinical Service and International center due to the increase in the number of vitiligo patients seeking care in Cuba with the new drug (100) patients per month from over 90 countries as well as to cover the affected by the disease in Cuba. From 1988 to 1991 began to establish centers for the care of these patients in other countries, thus beginning the export of Melagenina.

The medical staff at these centers received training in Histotherapy Center to ensure that the method achieved the same effect as in Cuba.

From 1992 to address 94 the country appreciates the need to build a plant for the production of various drugs derived from human placenta, not only because Melagenina, because the research developed by Dr. Carlos Miyares Cao and his team at the Center Histotherapy had succeeded in obtaining useful drugs for other diseases and a cosmetics line of high efficiency to slow the cellular aging process, so for example:

Melagenina (for the treatment of vitiligo)
Coriodermina (for treatment of psoriasis)
Piloactive Lotion (for treatment of Alopecia)
Thromboplastin (reagent for diagnosing blood clotting disorders)
Dietary Supplement (osteoporosis, anemia)
Melagenina Plus (Vitiligo Treatment Optimization)
Enteral Feed (intensive care)
Pulmonary surfactant (neonatology)
Placental Lactogen (obstetrics)

Placenta Shampoo
Bioactivante Dermal Cream (dermotrófica)
Gel Dermal Bioactivante
Epidermal sunscreen gel
Amniotic Collagen Cream
Hair Conditioner
Facial Toner
Cleansing Milk
Soap Dermal Bioactivante

Before the construction of the plant’s center of these products were prepared as follows, Melagenina, Lotion and Shampoo Piloactive Placenta in medical facilities pharmaceutical industry, being separate units of processing, packaging and quality control as which hindered the increase and large scale production of the same, while the remaining Coriodermina and cosmetics were produced in their own area of research for the Center Histotherapy best technological conditions but with limited productive capacity, so it was increasingly more difficult to meet growing domestic and international demand for these derivatives placenta.

This creates the need for a Plant with modern technology and high output which began construction in 1991 in the Municipality’s Lisa in the nearby town of Valle Grande in Havana, by the ECOA-25 MICONS of a project directly addressed by the Directorate of Investment of the State Council.

The construction lasted 4 years, the investment area covers 26 000 square meters and consists essentially of two parallel buildings.

In the main building are concentrated equipment for storage and thawing of the placentas collected at maternity hospitals in the country; extraction and bioprocessing different placental derivatives mentioned above as well as their packaging and storage for distribution in the country or export.

In the second building labs focused Quality Control, Chemical, Biological and Microbiological and an area for development of new technologies.

The authorized staffing is 170 employees and its theoretical capacity is 3000 bottles per hour. The company is responsible ENSUFARMA distribution in the country of finished products destined for domestic consumption and Cia Heber Biotec SA is responsible for marketing abroad.

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