Information to make reservation for this treatment.

Vitiligo Treatment in Cuba.

To receive treatment for vitiligo with Melagenina Plus, it is necessary that the patient be consulted at the International Center Histotherapy, for which it must stay in Havana for a minimum of 4 nights and 5 days, since treatment is performed in 3 consecutive days and must cease all treatment for at least 15 days before your trip, you should arrive to Havana on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday to attend the medical appointment the next day.

Our agency is responsible for all appointment procedures and services necessary to reserve your trip.
Information Resources on costs, payment, and currency exchange rate: The Cuban currency for payment of medical treatments is the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC)

Treatment Costs:
• Cost of 3 days of clinic attendance = 240.00 (CUC)
• Cost of medication for one year, may reach 730.00 (CUC)
  •  Melagenina Plus 36.00 cuc each bottle
  • Sun Protector 5.40 CUC each bottle
Trip Costs: Since this is an ambulatiry treatment services you need accommodation, transfers and care in Havana, for which we have prepared the following service packages, you should choose according to their date of travel:
• Patients who wish to travel From Dicember 22 th to January 2 th.
• Patients who wish to travel from Janury 3 th to Febrary 28
• Patients who wish to travel from March 1 th to July 14 th.
• Patients who wish to travel From September 1 th to October 31 th
• Patients who wish to travel From From 1 th to 24 th November
• Patients who wish to travel From 25 th November to December 21 th
The costs of medical treatment is paid directly in the clinic.
The costs of accommodation facilities, transportation and ticket, you pay at our office in Havana or your country.
Calculate the amount of Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC)

1 – Visit the following link Click here.

 The convertible Cuban pesos, you can buy at the Havana airport to your arrival. This currency can be bought with U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars, Mexican Pesos and Euros and others.

In the case of patients whose currency is the dollar we recommend: Always calculate based on euros, as the dollar has a 10% gravamen which will leak less economical.
The currencies of the countries that are not in the list shall referring them to dollars or euros.
 Visa to Cuba for treatment: To travel to Havana for this treatment is not necessary a visa issued by health specifically the Cuban embassy in your country, with the tourist card obtained at the travel agency where the ticket is purchased enough. This card also can be purchased at the airport of departure of his country and entry into Cuba.

Upon Arrival at the airport, we will be waiting

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Vitiligo Treatment in Cuba.


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